Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

As a member of Weight Watchers I'm required to weigh in every week. My weigh-in day (as you can tell from the title) is Wednesday. Last Wednesday I didn't weigh in because I was at the Hard Rock Cafe seeing my boy Gavin DeGraw perform :-). When I stepped on my scale at home last Wednesday it said my weight stayed the same. This morning when I stepped on it, the scale said I was down just a bit. Of course I'm always lighter on my scale at home than I am on the Weight Watchers scale. I wonder why that is? Anyway, I'm hoping for good news this evening at my weigh-in. From now until I reach my goal I'll be writing a Weigh-In Wednesday blog entry, followed by Results Thursday (which of course will be on Thursday). In the results entry, I will actually tell you how much I gained or lost. Since this is a lifetime commitment for me, I want to get more comfortable with the highs and lows that come with weight-loss and maintaining that loss. I think that two entries per week on that subject will help me do so.

Also, I'm in the process of tweaking this blog. I felt like it needed a change because I've changed a lot since I started it. I know that the new background color makes some of the older entries harder to read so I'll be going through them and changing the color of the font to make it easier. In addition, if any of my readers have a subject that they'd like me to address, feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to write something vaguely coherent. Thanks for reading!


  1. I love you just the way you are, Shelly. Did I miss your concert review of Mr. DeGraw? Did he love on you? Hope you reach your weight goal and stay there so you can be yourself and be happy. xoxo

  2. If ever the scales at WW do not show the "correct" weight, just blame Doc's weighty tweets. He'll take the rap for you anyday. *knuffel*