Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fake Celebrity Twitter Accounts

There are a lot of Gavin DeGraw fans up in arms because of a recent blog post on his MySpace blog that refutes a Twitter account set up in his name. A month or 2 ago his web team let members know that Gavin didn't currently have a Twitter account. Once I found that out, I stopped following the imposter. That's all the proof I needed. Also, many Gavin DeGraw fans know that he's not particularly tech savvy so the odds that his Twitter account was real was pretty much slim to none. His brother, Joey, on the other hand, seems to always be up on the latest technological trends; therefore, I know his Twitter account is real. Now that there's been an "official" announcement, there are a lot of people that are pissed at this person who has been masquerading as Gavin. Hello! Didn't you read the posting from the web team? If you wanted to keep following the guy (I'm assuming it's a guy) after it's already been made clear that it's not the real Gavin DeGraw, then you really have no reason to be angry. Because this whole fake GDG Twitter account has become so rampant, his people are in the process of setting up a real account for him. My question is: If they are setting it up for him, are they the ones that are going to be answering the question "What are you doing?"?