Friday, February 25, 2011

10 Things You Might Not Know about Me

Most of the peeps that read my blog haven't known me for very long, so I figured I'd give you a few facts that people who've known me for most of my life already know:

1. I'm left-handed. This comes with a caveat because I really only use my left hand for writing and holding eating utensils.

2. I'm a middle child. I have an older brother and a younger brother, which makes me the family peacemaker. The fact that I'm a Libra also contributes to my peacemaking.

3. I was born on my parents' eighth wedding anniversary. Quite a gift, huh? I was also born exactly three weeks before my mom's birthday.

4. Uttering the words "I dare you" to me will only get you a derisive stare and possibly the finger. Some people can't resist a dare, but I'm 35, not 5.

5. I believe the phrase "It is what it is" should be stricken from the verbal lexicon. Of course it is what it is. How can it be anything else other than what it is?

6. I don't drink. Alcohol and I have never been friends for many reasons, not the least of which is a potential adverse reaction when mixed with my meds.

7. I used to weigh 220lbs. Yes, I did just type my former weight. Thanks to Weight Watchers, I'm 50lbs lighter. My magic number is 60lbs.

8. I don't want to have children. That means that I don't have a desire to be pregnant or birth babies. That doesn't mean that I'm not open to someday adopting an older child or two.

9. I won my county's spelling bee when I was 14. Yep, I'm a spelling geek. I'm a grammar geek, too.

10. I don't like coffee. We live in a very coffee-centric culture, what with there being a Starbucks on every corner. No amount of flavoring, sweetener, or creamer can mask the bitterness of coffee for me. I get my caffeine fix from Diet Dr. Pepper ;-).

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is that Hallmark Holiday designed for lovers. Many a marriage proposal and many a wedding have happened on this day through the years. Those who are in a relationship feel all warm and fuzzy inside wondering what types of surprises they'll receive from their beloveds. Those who aren't in a relationship are either cursing this day, boycotting this day, or embracing it as just one more day when they've been afforded the opportunity to enjoy the beauty all around them. As someone who is not in a relationship, I am embracing this day as one where I'm happy, healthy, and loved by my family and friends. More importantly, I love myself. Tonight, instead of moping around because I don't have a date for Valentine's Day, I'm going to the gym and then I'm going to the movies to see one of my all-time favorites, Sixteen Candles. AMC Theatres is showing it on the big screen tonight at 7:00. I was just a little girl when that movie was released and back then I believed in that fairy tale kind of love that Samantha wanted with Jake. Over the years, whenever I watch it I still think to myself that I'd love for my crush to like me, too. But you know what? That is only a movie, after all, based on every teen girl's fantasies. Instead of sitting around waiting for my Jake Ryan, I'll continue to enjoy the things in this world that make me happy; like good movies, good music, good books, and good friends.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Could This Be My Year?

I'd like to begin my blogging for 2011 with a bit of optimism. We're eight days into February and I'm in the process of making my life better. As many of you know 2010 was not a good year for me. My grandmother passed away. I had to move yet again, and then three months into the new lease my boyfriend broke up with me. There were a few other things that happened too, but I won't bore you with the gory details. My weight-loss journey continues, but as of late I've been gaining and losing the same two or three pounds. I actually figure that's not too bad for someone who is an emotional eater and has had to deal with quite a bit of upheaval. I'm proud of the fact that I haven't let myself go and fallen back into old, self-destructive habits.

As I continue to take back control of my life, I'll be moving into a new apartment next month. It's a cute place that's very convenient with regard to getting to work via public transportation. No more waiting in the snow for the bus to come. All I have to do is walk across the street to the subway station. I already have all sorts of ideas for making it a home for me and Topaz.

After I'm settled in, it'll be time to finish up my classes for my copyediting certificate. I'm hoping to do some freelance work in that arena to earn some extra cash. Hopefully by the time spring rolls around I'll be able to meet my weight loss goal and become a Weight Watchers leader. It would bring me a great deal of joy to assist others on their journey and to let them know that although it's not easy, it is worthwhile. Maybe, just maybe by focusing on those things, I can make 2011 my year!