Friday, December 2, 2011

Take That, Thanksgiving Holiday!

Last Thursday it was Thanksgiving here in the United States. Of course Thanksgiving is a lot like Christmas in that there's lots of food to be eaten on that day, which produces lots of leftovers. It's also usually a time spent with family. Because my family lives out-of-state, I spent Thanksgiving on my own with my cat, Topaz. The great thing about spending Thanksgiving alone when you're on the Weight Watchers plan is that you have complete and total control over the food that enters your orbit. You don't have to worry about someone pushing Grandma's sweet potato pie or Aunt Mary's green bean casserole on you. For the record, it amazes me how French's has single-handedly made green bean casserole an annual Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition.

Well that's neither here nor there. The important thing is that I made my own food that day, following my own timetable. Normally Thanksgiving dinner is served around 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, but I ate dinner during my regular mealtime, which I think helped tremendously. As for leftovers, I only ate them for one meal for the next two days. One day I had them for lunch and then I had them for dinner. Then I skipped a day of leftovers and had the last of my turkey the following day. Today I will be having the last of my baked mac 'n' cheese, which I baked in individual ramekins to facilitate portion control. Thanks to that careful planning and execution, I was down a pound when I weighed in. The fact that I got in a good deal of exercise helped, too. I'm proud of myself for having a loss for the second week in a row. For a while now I've been alternating my weeks with a loss and a gain. Here's hoping I'm starting a new trend! 


  1. Outstanding friend. To be down a pound over Thanksgiving is a real accomplishment.

  2. *high-paw* you iz doing it rite! Pee Ess wez nevar haz green been cassarole!

  3. Concats! Um, my peeps didn't fare as well. BTW, green bean casserole, a tradition?? Where? HAH!

  4. Nice job! That's sure something to be proud of. : )
    My girl is a little scared of stepping on the scale.
    Thanks again for reading Glogirly's search story.
    Hope you've had a great weekend!
    xo Katie

  5. Baking the mac in individual portions is a great idea. That's the kind of food that is tempting to put in a huge pile on your plate. A loss two weeks in a row!! Congratulations and I'm glad to hear you're over your cold enough to exercise again.
    Love from me and prrrrs from Toki xxx

  6. By the way, no one in the family, mom included likes green bean casserole. Ewww.