Friday, December 16, 2011

Lying Bastard Strikes Again!

Last week I was contemplating calling my scale something else besides lying bastard because of its two weeks of accuracy with regard to my weigh-in, but apparently it likes the name because it was off by a whole two pounds this week. Luckily that only meant that I was up 0.2. I can just imagine him laughing to himself as he gives me the false hope of a big loss. He will indeed be getting a name change, but not in his favor. From now on he will be known as my lying ass bastard scale. Next week I'll be leaving to visit my mom, who has the sweetest scale ever. That girl is always right on the money when it comes to my weight :-).


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  2. I love this title dear. That scale is a lying ass bastard and you're too good for him. Maybe while you're gone he'll have time to think about the lies he's been telling you and when you get back, he'll treat you right. This is definately a male scale because he sounds like everyone I ever dated. Love and nose bumps to you and Topaz