Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Love of Family

Yesterday I returned from visiting my family in Georgia for the Christmas holiday. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I had a wonderful time. It was actually one of the best times I've had with my family in a very long time. It was very low stress. There were no blow-ups or arguments with anyone. All in all it was very pleasant. There was lots of loving energy in my parents' home. That hasn't always been the case, but there's no need to dwell on it. The most important thing is that we all came together at a time when families are meant to be together and we shared the holiday.

On Tuesday I begin my yoga teacher training. I think my commitment to yoga has shifted my perception and my perspective in the best possible way. It's given me more of an ability to look at the big picture. Don't get me wrong. I've always been a "big picture" kind of person, but I don't think I truly understood how to recognize what was significant and what was insignificant with regard to my big picture. While I was at my parents' house I mentioned something about being poor, and my dad stopped me. He said, "As long as you have a job, a place to live, and food to eat you're not poor." In the past, my dad would've agreed with me and maybe even said that he was poor, too. But when I look at my big picture, I know that my dad is right. I have a good job, and I'm in the process of training for another one. That good job pays decent money, which allows me to provide a roof over my head and food in my stomach. The most important thing of all is that I have a family who loves me and are willing to help me in any way they can. Me, poor? Nah. Just because I'm not rich monetarily doesn't mean that I'm not rich in the way that truly counts.

This is an old picture, but I still like it :-).


  1. Wat a bewtyfuls post Michelle an wat a bewtyfuls pikshure of you! Iz so happy you did haz a grate fambly time in Georgia, your dad duz sound rill nice an smarts too. That must be were you gets yer brains. *purr*

  2. What a beautiful family you have Michelle. You are blessed and rich in love. So happy you had a great time.

  3. I'm glad you put this up here. You're so beautiful! And your family looks lovely. You've brought up a good point. Finding what's important in the big picture. Now that you've mentioned it, I can see an area I can work on. My big picture tends to get cluttered and I scurry about trying to fix everything all at once. And I'm glad the yoga training is going well. Love you petal! Hugs and nose bumps from me and Toki.

  4. TW seems to think her "big picture" is coming to an end and the train is about to reach it's final destination, whatever that means. She sez she feels like she's a hunnert years old. Your family looks lovely. I'm thrilled you had such a good time cos you deserve it. xoxo

  5. What a wonderful post. I tell my husband, "as long as I have you, I have all I need." Family is the most important thing of all.
    Happy New Year, Michelle!
    Good luck with all you are striving for.
    Debbie (a.k.a Glogirly)