Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thrifty Gifty Thursday

Once again it's time for me to recommend another lovely affordable site for your holiday gift-giving needs. Many of my Twitter friends have their own products or crafts that they sell. Last week I told you about @haileysgarden's site and today I'd like to talk about a site associated with @BustertheBeagle. Buster is a therapy dog for a young lady named Abby, who has autism. Abby and her mother, Bonnie have an Etsy shop where they sell handmade crafts: Abby and Bonnie make them together. Many of them are simple, but very beautiful. There are notecards, paintings, and collages. Below is a picture of a Christmas card available in her shop.

Because insurance doesn't cover Abby's care, and she wasn't approved for Medicaid, her mom, who is physically disabled, set up this shop to help pay for Abby's care. By making a purchase here, you're not only supporting an artist, you're also contributing to that artist's well-being. Through my many conversations with her mother on Twitter, I've learned that Abby is a sweet girl, who is doing her best to play the hand that life has dealt her. Her mom is a very nice lady, and I'm glad we became friends on Twitter.


  1. I wish we'd have known about this site altho TW got most of her gifts for friends and family at the Animal Rescue Site so the $$ went toward charity. We'll bookmark the site in case she forgot someone.

  2. This is wonderful and the artwork shows that the mind of an autistic child is not a vacant place, but a wonderland. I'm going to buy the ladybug and flower pendant. The prices are right. Another stocking stuffer in the bag!

  3. Abby has some really neat things. I appreciate call our attention to this. I'd much rather give some business to people who are struggling to pay for medical care than give it to stores or send away on the internet.

  4. I'm like Mariodacat. I would rather spend where it actually helps those who need the business.