Friday, August 26, 2011

Scale Keeps Moving in the Right Direction

Yesterday's weigh-in reported a 0.2 loss. In my early days of WW I would've been very disappointed with that, but now that I'm an veteran I know that any loss is a good loss. Hopefully next week I can take off a whole pound. The following week I will be visiting my family in Georgia. Many might think that's a situation that has "weight gain" written all over it, but it's just the opposite. When I go to GA I usually lose. Maybe it's because I'm occupied with doing other things besides just sitting around. If I had a week off and I was at home the whole time, that might be a problem because I don't have a car so I couldn't drive places. Instead I'd probably sit around, watch tv, and feed my face. Anyway, I posted a loss this week, so I'm feeling good :-). Next week I'm getting ready for ya!


  1. Yea for the scale... Just wanted to tell you to keep safe this weekend. WE are sending you good thoughts for the hurricane.

    pawhugs to you, Max