Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wiping the Slate Clean

One of the great things about weigh-in day at Weight Watchers is that I get to wipe the slate clean. The fact that I may not have tracked everything that I ate between last Wednesday and yesterday doesn't matter. I now have a chance to do it all over again and get it right this time. Those few handfuls of Skittles that I didn't track on Sunday...a thing of the past. That yummy candy bar ice cream that I overindulged a distant memory.

As I've told you before, my scale at home always says that I'm lighter than reality, so I use it as a gauge of whether I'm up or down. When I stepped on it this morning, it said the same thing that it did last Wednesday morning. Hopefully it's not lying to me :-).


  1. Michelle, the fact that you continue to go to Weight Watchers and are committed to a lifestyle change, will do far more than any handful of Skittles in the moment unless you have them all the time!

    I like how you say the slate is wiped clean. It's so easy to beat ourselves up in all areas of life when we fail to live up to what we intended.

    Good luck with your meeting!

  2. you have done well so far friend. I know how tough it is as I've been dieting on and off for years. In fact, I started about the time they introduced WW in our city. Now I should go back and join again. You are an inspiration and i know you can get back on track and get with the program again. As you said, the slate is clean.