Monday, July 27, 2009

Did You Remember to Shower this Morning?

Although summer is technically about halfway over, it's finally made an apprearance in New England. For the next week it's going to be very humid, and we all know that humidity = sweating profusely. All that sweat can come together with bacteria and produce some very unpleasant smells. The absolute worst place to be when the weather is like this is on public transportation. The subway is usually really bad because half the time the A/C isn't working and people are packed into the cars like sardines. I take a commuter train to work, and that can be pretty bad, too. This morning a guy sat down beside me and, Lord have mercy, was he ever funky! And I don't mean he had smooth dance moves. He smelled as if he had gone jogging for 2 days in a row and forgot to shower. Seeing as we're pretty much programmed to bathe ourselves from the time that we understand what it means to do so, I highly doubt that he forgot. I can't even begin to hazard a guess as to why he smelled that way. It wasn't even BO, it was straight up stale sweatiness. Regardless, when you know you're going to be in an enclosed space with strangers, it pays to shower before you leave the house. You can do whatever you want if all you're going to do is sit at home all day, but if there's that chance that I might have to sit next to you on a train, I don't want to have to feel like I'm in a gym locker room or in the presence of someone with poor hygiene. I've seen medical shows about people who smell no matter how often they shower. If this is you, then go to your doctor and see if you can get it taken care of. For those of you who just aren't showering, do the world a favor and lather up.


  1. I'm lucky I don't have to worry about this since I'm a cat...but mum tells me she has to work with some pretty rank customers....whatever rank means. Purrs.

  2. Mum was on the train last week and the aircon was broken. The man in front kept raising his arms and the stench was thick enough to chew. She went through some perfume - it was a 2hr 45min journey.