Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Do Your Feet Say about You?

Although I'm no expert on beauty or fashion, I'm taking on a request from a friend to do a segment on feet. This is the time when we all turn out our toes and wear cute little strappy sandals, or go casual with a pair of flip flops. No matter how you choose to show off your tootsies, one thing is absolutely essential, they should look presentable. There is many an office here in Boston that doesn't allow the wearing of open-toe shoes, and I can guess why. No one wants to see feet that have raggedy toenails and cracked, crusty heels. I know that money is tight, so I'm not saying that everyone should run out to some chi-chi spa and get a pedicure. I also don't advocate the lower-end places that use those chairs to soak your feet in because those aren't cleaned very well. I'm sure you're asking yourself "What's a girl to do?" Well there's always the home pedicure. Lots of fashion magazines tell you all about how to do it and I'm sure you could find info online. There are lots of nice foot products from Freeman and Dr. Scholl's that'll get the job done for you. Also, don't forget to buy one of those foot spas to soak your feet in. After a hard day's work, those babies are nice and they're relatively cheap. If you don't feel like buying a foot spa and a bunch of foot care products, you can get one of those plastic dish pans, add some body wash and soak your feet in that. To get rid of dead skin you can use a Ped Egg (I know you've seen them on TV), or the Revlon or Dr. Scholl's version. A moisturizing lotion will take care of keeping your feet and toes nice and smooth. Whether or not you choose to paint your toenails is up to you. Just make sure that your toenails are neatly trimmed. If you have a problem with cracked heels, there are lots of heel balms and creams on the market. While your heels are healing, you can still get in the summer spirit with a nice pair of shoes with a peep-toe. Taking a little time and a little pride in your appreance will go a long way in making you feel confident and powerful.


  1. *Note to self* - Give feet an extra treat this weekend.

  2. Pamper yourself. You deserve it!

  3. Hey I love the Ped Egg - and so do my feet. My toenails are a lovely bright orange at the mo.