Friday, November 4, 2011

Hey There Scale. How You Doin'?

Yesterday was weigh-in day. My bastard scale at home said I was down a little bit, so I figured I could trust it. I could tell by the way that my clothes were fitting that I hadn't gained anything, and if I had, I knew it would be less than a pound.When I got to my meeting after work and stepped on the scale I saw that I had lost the little bit of weight that I put on last week. Not bad considering my cold hasn't gone away yet. Because of that fact I haven't been exercising much. I think I'll try to do a little bit of yoga every day this upcoming week to rinse some of the toxins out of my system.

During every meeting we talk about celebrations and challenges. Of course celebrations are usually scale-related. Someone loses their first five pounds, five or ten percent of their body weight, or they lose that first 10lbs. Last night there was a girl who saw a loss on the scale but felt like she didn't deserve it because she didn't follow the plan to the letter. She said that it had been a stressful week, which caused her to make bad food choices. She said at one point she felt as if the "Weight Watchers gods" were going to strike her down. When she saw the loss on the scale, she felt guilty. Her mentality is definitely a clue that she hasn't be on the plan for very long. I asked her if her food choices were really that bad. She said one of the things she did was eat a lot of chips, directly from the bag. Anyone that knows anything about portion control knows that eating straight from the bag is a no-no, because that means you have no idea how much you ate; and therefore, can't track it. I told her that not every week is going to be her perfect week, and that she needs to stop being afraid of what might go wrong. I also told her that she needs to give herself permission to not be perfect. She can't let that fear rule her or she's going to drive herself crazy.

If you've got something in your life that you're working on or trying to accomplish, just remember that life throws you some curve balls. If you don't knock it out of the park each time, that's okay. You may get a piece of it and hit it into foul territory, or you may even swing and miss. Regardless of what's happens, that was just one day in a long line of days in which you will have an opportunity to do better.


  1. Seems like TW is always striking out but that's OK cos I'll bite her anyway. I'm glad you're losing and on the right track to where you want to go.

  2. Very good advice that Glogirly needs to hear right now.
    : )
    xoxo Katie

  3. You have a good attitude friend, and the advice you gave that girl was "right on." Now if I could only follow that advice myself! Congratulations on the loss.

  4. Congratulations! And the yoga sounds like the right idea. I feel for the girl you talk about. I'm familiar with the sentiment "I didn't do it right, so I don't deserve the accomplishment" The things we women do to ourselves. I've eaten crisps right out of the bag and there have been a few times, I've eaten the entire bag in one night, along with a whole pound of cheese. The next day I think "I can't believe I did that." The battle continues.

  5. It's an always war, it seems that way to me to keep the weight at bay. Sigh. :-(