Monday, November 14, 2011

One Last Thing about Middle School

As I told you before, I only spent one year in middle school. Talking with someone on Twitter earlier this morning brought back a memory from middle school. I grew up in the rural South where racism always bubbles just under the surface. Right down the street from my middle and high schools lived a man who was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan is nowhere near as powerful as it was during the civil rights movement, but to this day they still have a presence in the South. This man was a redneck of the first order. He lived in a raggedy house with lawn jockeys out front and an old boat with a sign on it. The sign said that the boat was for sending all of the niggers back to Africa.

Well this guy's daughter is the same age I am, and I actually went to middle school with her. Although her father was an ignorant bastard, I never had any problems with her. You would think that with a father like that she'd be carrying a banner for the cause, so to speak, but she seemed all right. She was actually friends with a friend of mine. In the mornings before classes started, if you got to school early, you had to sit in the lunchroom. I remember sitting near her in the lunchroom and she was relatively nice. I found out years later that she was dating a black guy. I'm sure that her daddy was really pleased about that. He actually moved out of that house years ago and the boat is no longer there, but whenever I drive by that house I see the lawn jockeys and the boat in my mind's eye.


  1. I'm glad that daughter had her own mind and rejected the teachings of her father. He's prolly running for President now as a Tea Party candidate. I've already told you about Gramma and Grandpa. Actually, in the last primary of his life, Grandpa voted for Jesse Jackson! Gramma never budged from her ignorance and used the N-word all the time. Still TW turned out to be a free thinking, who also dated black men. Not only that but she had a black lesbian friend who visited her all the time. BTW, the hatred is very much alive in NYC as a Jewish neighborhood was vandalized last weekend with swastikas spray-painted everywhere.

  2. Iz diskusted abowts how meens dey hoomanz can be, at leest Iz consistent. Iz duzn't like othercats, so wats? But Iz nevar meen to they I jusht growlz. You iz so brave to lives wiv dat an its nice teh little gurl wuz smarter than that bad mans. *purrrrrr*