Tuesday, December 8, 2009

He's Still Shining On

I was 5 years old when John Lennon was assassinated. I distinctly remember hearing the news about it on the TV. At the time I didn't really know who The Beatles were, and little did I know what influence they and John would have on my life 10 years later.

When I was 15 I saw a documentary on public television about the making of Sgt. Pepper. I distinctly remember George Martin at a soundboard talking about all of the arrangements and instrumentation. I was fascinated, so when I got the chance, I went out and bought Sgt. Pepper on cassette. This was 1990 folks. I didn't have a CD player yet! Anyway, I constantly listened to Sgt. Pepper, my favorite song being A Day in the Life. As I listened to the music I became more and more absorbed in The Beatles and wanted to learn all that I could about them. My junior year in high school I did a research paper comparing and contrasting Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour. See, I had it bad! By that time I had Magical Mystery Tour, Abbey Road, Rubber Soul, and Revolver on cassette.

Although all the guys are great, there was just something about John that called out to me. Maybe it was his troubled childhood or his sharp, cutting wit. Whatever it was, John became my favorite Beatle. When I see his artwork and read his poetry, the depth of his creative mind astounds me! Wrapped up in that creativity was a very loving soul. So loving that he thought nothing of signing an autograph for the man that would end up taking his life mere hours after the autograph was signed.

I was never truly able to understand the world's loss of John Lennon until I was older. He was that rare combination of genius, vulnerability, humanitarianism, and sincerity that's hard to match. There are many who have come after him who are similar in many regards, but they will never be able to catch the lightning in a bottle that was the essence of John Lennon. He greeted the world with an open heart and the world keeps him in theirs. As you rest in peace, John Winston Ono Lennon, know that your messages of love, peace, and togetherness shine on, just as you do. Your fans will love you forever!


  1. Ma still remembers the morning she awoke to the radio and heard the boss of the station, who was NEVER on in the a.m., saying something about "his prayers go out to Yoko." She lost it when she realized something had happened to John and she's crying now as she's typing this 4 me. She went to the Dakota that night along w/thousands of others. One memory that makes her smile is a few days later, Yoko had a public memorial and as everyone was singing "Give Peace a Chance" snow started lightly falling. Someone up there was listening. Peace out.

  2. Wonderful blog post. Although I'm too young to remember the Beatles, HH remembers them well, huge fan and was touched and still is by their music. Thanks for the blog post. You've captured the essence of them well.



  3. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Initial joy at having Beatles music being played all the way to work then shock, grief & anger at such a tragic end to a talented individual's life.
    The following Saturday people gathered all day to take part in a 10 minute vigil held on St George's Plateau in Liverpool. The entire day was an emotional & amazing celebration of John and I was so glad that I was able to be there.