Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Shoutout to Hailey's Dragonfly Garden!

In an earlier post I sang the praises of the Acai Berry Lotion that Hailey's Dragonfly Garden offers. Well I figured since that did so well for the dry skin on my arms that there must be something that would work on my dry, rough hands. The recommendation was made that I try the Mango Butter Lotion. Let me tell you, my hands were beyond ashy. They're always a bit dry, but New England winters make them especially scaly. The first time I put the Mango Butter Lotion on my hands it soaked in very quickly and left my hands feeling soft. I've been using it for a little over a month now and it has improved the texture of the skin on my hands (as evidenced by the before and after pics). For those of you who haven't taken the plunge yet, you've gotta check out the website: There are wonderful gift ideas for the holidays. I guarantee you'll find something that you like ;-).


  1. WOWZER! That cream has made such a differnce in a relatively short space of time. I would always go on personal recommendation especially after spending so much on ineffective yet expensive products in the past.

  2. Oh oh.... your hands are lovely, but it turned your fingernails green. I'm a little worried about that side effect....