Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Getting Back to My Roots

The season of giving is once again upon us. No more than at any other time of year is there an emphasis on helping those around you and giving, whether monetarily, physically, or spiritually. Many of us are selfless by nature and don't need the holiday season to present itself in order for us to give of ourselves. Recently I was thinking back to when I was a child and how much I really liked helping others and doing nice things for people. As I grew older and became more jaded, I became hesitant to be as helpful. Maybe it was because it seemed as if no one appreciated my efforts or maybe it was because I felt as if I was that one lone fish swimming upstream while everyone else was fighting to make their way downstream. After a while I got tired of fighting and decided to just be like everyone else. Although I never went out of my way to treat anyone badly, I wasn't as nice as I would've been in the past. As a result I became depressed and disatisfied with myself and my life. Trying to be someone you're not is hard work.

Although I know that it's not wise to try to embrace the world, it's also not wise to act as if there aren't people out there that would benefit from a bit of genuine kindness with no strings attached. All it takes is a smile or a kind word to brighten what might've otherwise been the worst day of someone's life. I know that it makes me feel better on a bad day when someone says something nice to me or does something nice for me. It never hurts to do something nice for someone. When you do something that makes others feel good, you usually feel good, too. Give of yourself freely, expecting nothing in return and your heart will feel lighter.


  1. What a lovely post, thanks you for sharing wiv us.

  2. You always give me a lift when I read your posts. Another great one and such a good topic for this time of year.

    Thanks for reminding me of the meaning of the season. *nosetaps* to you.


  3. I often do random acts of kindness - small things can help make a bad day get better. Sometimes these kindnesses are ignored or refused, while that makes me think twice it does not stop me. It's their loss after all.

  4. Hi Michelle! This is "the girl", aka Jenny, so often mentioned by adorable @Shminkyboo, our lovely cheeky Murphy! I just thought I'd see what your blog was like! I haven't yet read much but it seems very nice and I love the design :) Murph really is he sweetest cat and he does love me despite what he says! It's quite funny to think of his little brain ticking away, coming up with bitchy comments to Tweet! I must say that the "cat twitterers" I've encountered since starting his account are by far the nicest people I've talked to online. Some take it a little seriously but they really are lovely! Anyway, merry Christmas from the UK and all the best for 2010! Jenny