Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

Hello there, readers. It's been quite a while since you've heard from me, but only because I haven't been truly inspired to share any of my life experiences. Well, today something happened that I thought would be nice to share. We hear or read all the time about people doing bad things to other people, but it's a rarity to find a story where someone does something nice for a fellow human being. I'm not saying that nice things don't happen; I'm just saying that those nice things are rarely highlighted.

This morning I was walking to the bus stop, talking to my mom on my cell phone about a problem I was having. Only steps from the end of my street, I saw the bus drive by. My instinct of course was to run to try to catch the bus, but I had to wait until a couple of cars went by before I could run across the street. By the time that I ran across the street, the bus was already headed for the next stop. If I were wearing sneakers I would've kicked it into high gear to catch the bus, but I was wearing sandals with a bit of a heel.

Just as I turned around, I noticed a car stopped in the street. As I walked past, the lady inside got my attention and said that she saw me running for the bus and offered me a ride. She lives up the street and said that she drives by the subway station on the way to work. That was such a neighborly thing for her to do. There was a time in American history when this type of thing would've been commonplace, but we've become a nation ruled by fear. As she was offering me the ride, the woman (Barbara) even told me that she wasn't some crazy person because that's the assumption that we naturally make nowadays. As she drove me to the station we made small-talk and I thought "Wow, what a nice lady." Barbara was a godsend on a hot summer morning when my day wasn't looking very bright. A dear friend of mine said that this must've been good karma coming back to me for giving my seat to a pregnant lady on the subway last week. You know what, maybe she's right :-).


  1. Your post is so right on! Our first instinct would've been to run when the car stopped, fearing the worst. Common courtesy has become a thing of the past. My peeps see it every week on the way home from the ball game. When the subway pulls in, the young people and kids almost knock my 50+-year-old peeps to the ground to beat them to a seat. Ma got cursed at by a young guy for elbowing past him, after he had shoved her. The worst part of it is that parents w/kids don't even apologize for their kids. They encourage it. I'm glad your kindness came back to you.

  2. You and Cathy certainly are right on. You definatley had good Karma, and the extra kindness of a stranger was proof of the good karma. I don't think many parents teach their children about good manners and emphasizing the "Golden Rule" - Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you." Bless you for sharing the story.

  3. When you save it up it's a good story, an this iz so troo. Itz almost skardy to be nice becuz peeplz seem to think of bad things first instead of nice things. I duz beleeve in karma an you haz good ones.

  4. I always try to do random acts of kindness, it makes my day when someone does it for me.
    On my wedding day we thought my head dress was in the car that my Dad had just driven off in, after leaving us at the hairdresser. My sis ran after him shouting but he never heard. A car stopped to let a passenger out & my sis explained what happened & the driver told her to get in & they chased my Dad til he stopped at lights.
    We were so grateful to that driver, taking the time to help a stranger's who quite honestly looked demented......after all that it wasn't even in the car!!