Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brush with Camelot

As I write this, Senator Edward Kennedy's motorcade is passing near my office building in Boston. There are lots of people that have lots of strong opinions about him and his past. He did a lot of good for this country, but his legacy will be forever marred by one event that took place in his life. I won't dwell on that because it doesn't have anything to do with me. I will talk about one specific memory I have of him. In 2002 he was endorsing the Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Shannon O'Brien. As part of that endorsement, he stood outside the entrance/exit of the Park Street Green Line subway station in Boston greeting people and encouraging them to "Vote for Shannon". I took the Green Line to work every day and got off at Park Street on the morning that Senator Kennedy was out there. As I came out the doors, I saw him standing there. He looked me right in the eye, held out his hand to shake mine and said "Vote for Shannon". It was a very surreal moment. There I was, a small town girl from rural Georgia and I had just shaken the hand of a man that was a member of one of the most politically influential families of the 20th century. Six degrees of separation and all that. Small world, huh? And it's getting smaller every day. Regardless of what his faults may have been, he is no longer with us and there are people that are saddened by that. His judgement will not be in our hands. As always, a higher power is at work and things will be as they should be.

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  1. First let me say, I enjoy your blogs immensely. You touch on the things which are dear to my soul - cats, simple moments in life, and yes, riding the bus. I rode the bus for years to downtown ATL from Decatur. I was a young banker and proud of it, however, I met the most wonderful older woman on the #2 Ponce de Leon bus. She became my mentor, friend, and my kick butt 'do it right' idol, if you will. She left an indelible print on my life.

    Now back to the original thought (I'm 64 and entitled to let my thoughts wander a bit - pfft). I have so enjoyed your piece on meeting Sen. Kennedy. I'm touched by your approach of not sitting in judgment on any level - but true respect for a person who has left his footprint on all our lives. Your thoughts are so refreshing and express the voice of my soul as well. When I was much much younger, I always felt that I had so much to learn from the older women around me. Now that I am one of those older women, I have come to know and appreciate the privilege of learning from the young women around me. The young women such as yourself.

    If you ever get back to the tall pines of GA, swing by Athens/Watkinsville for a huge hug from me and nosetaps from Rosie and Blossom a.k.a. piddleandpurr

    Enjoy this day