Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Life-Continued

It seems like writing yesterday's blog post broke the ice for me to start updating this blog again. When I last talked about my life story, we were in the apartment I was sharing with a college friend after I graduated. My privacy had been well and truly violated, which I totally was not digging. One thing I forgot to tell you is that when I spoke to her about my not being happy with boundaries being overstepped, she said that where she's from that type of behavior is okay. I was thinking "Really? I'm from rural Georgia, and although we aren't the most couth people, even that doesn't fly with us."

After all of that went down I knew that I couldn't trust her, and went about my business for the rest of the summer. I found out that she was planning to move back home for a bit and then move to Las Vegas with her sister, so once our lease was up, she was out. On the day that she actually moved I didn't know she was leaving until I got home from work that afternoon. There was a note on my bed telling me that she was gone and that I owed her money for my part of the utilities. She included her parents' address so that I could send the money. I fully intended to send the money until I went into her old room and saw the note that she left for the freeloader girl. In the note she went on and on about what a great friend freeloader girl had been to her and how maybe she could visit her once she moved to Vegas with her sister. Wtf?! I was the one who got her out of a jam when she needed someone to take over half of the lease. I'm the one whose stuff her family and friends commandeered why I wasn't there. All I got was "You owe me money. Send it to this address." While this other girl who did nothing but mess up dishes without washing them, as well as not taking a turn cleaning the bathroom gets "You have been such a good friend to me." After reading that I knew there was no damn way she was ever getting the money that I owed her for utilities. When it comes right down to it, I got screwed in that deal. Looking back on it I just hate the fact that I didn't have the guts to speak up for myself. Of course with time comes maturity and hopefully, the ability to take action when someone is treating you unfairly. I just know that were I in the same situation today there's no way that I would stand for what went down. Live and learn.


  1. and learn indeed. I could kick myself for things in the past that I wish I had not allowed. I think we have most of us been there. It's hard looking back sometimes, though. xox

  2. So troo Michelle an it wud haz been funny to send her a bill fur hotel servissiz enjoyed at yer expenss.

  3. She wasn't much of a friend or a room mate to pull those stunts on you. I think we've all made a few mistakes in judging people somewhere along the way - I sure have.

  4. When you get to my age Michelle it really is amazing how little matters in the grand scheme. I promise that you won't even clearly remember your stint with this "user". The lesson to take away from it - to always be true to yourself. Be strong as the road ahead will never be as you hoped but it will be as you make it.
    xxx's with love

  5. The thing is, it shows what a kind person you are for helping her out when she needed someone and for putting up with those two users ! As you say, you live and learn. Are you still there and enjoying them not being there ? Yay !!

    Tweet_mouse :-D