Tuesday, April 3, 2012

School's Out Forever

For any of you that have ever been in therapy, you know that it takes a long time to change deeply ingrained behaviors. It's easy to fall back into the patterns that you've been following for your whole life. As I mentioned before, I'm an emotional eater. Weight gain is a sure sign that I'm upset or depressed about something. The time that I spent in therapy had helped me to cope with things without feeling the need to overeat because I had a place where I could go to let all of those feelings out. By the the time I graduated from college I had lost weight and was feeling good about myself.

Right after graduation I decided to share an apartment with a friend of mine that was in the same degree program as I was. Her roommate had broken the lease and she needed someone to live there until the lease was up. Because I wanted to continue living in Boston, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. But then as the saying goes, you never know someone until you live with them. In the beginning things started out well, but then I found out that she was letting a friend of hers crash there and share her bedroom. I know what you're thinking. If her friend is living there, why couldn't her friend help with the rent? That's a valid question. Because it was her place that I was moving into, I didn't feel like I could ask that question. Looking back, I think how much easier it would've been if we each had paid a third of the rent. I guess the other girl figured that as long as she didn't pay rent she wasn't responsible for any of the housework. She was a great one for using the dishes and then not washing them. It made for a great existence for the three months that I was there.


  1. Man, I am glad I never got into that situation as I am not good with living outside my house..unless I was in a bind. Then, I would really bust butt helping with housework etc.

  2. I never had a roommate - just a husband. ha ha - not much difference!!!

  3. OMC! Sounds like a roommate TW had. TW didn't find out this roommate had ran up a $600 phone bill and not paid it until she got the mail first and saw it. TW says everyone has roommate from hell stories.

  4. Hey there, I came across your blog today and wanted to comment :-)!

    Totally can relate to the whole stress and weight issue myself as I am in that boat bad now. Also I hear ya with roommates. Sometimes being in close space with someone brings out things you didnt realize.