Friday, January 22, 2010

What Do You Really See When You Look at Someone?

Last week a co-worker and I were having a conversation about the guy who delivers our coffee. I told her that he hit on one of the ladies in the office next door, and her response was "She's not very pretty". I found that to be an interesting statement. It's not that the woman in question isn't pretty, it's that she made some unfortunate hair and makeup choices. She was very much stuck in a rut of days gone by with her stringy bleached blond hair and blue eyeshadow with blue eyeliner. I watch a lot of makeover shows so I know how the right clothes, hair and makeup can transform a woman.

Why do we think in extremes? Everything has to be either/or with no room in the middle for a closer look or a change in perspective. How many people have you ever seen who are truly ugly? I mean absolutely grotesque. They look so bad that it almost makes you physically sick to look at them. Go on. Think about it. How many people like that have you seen? Not many, right? Because there are very few people in this world, objectively speaking, that are truly ugly. Just because one person doesn't find someone esthetically pleasing doesn't mean that someone else won't. We're not all drop-dead gorgeous, but there is something about the looks of each of us that others will find appealing. Have you ever met someone who you thought had a really plain face but as soon as they started talking their face became animated and you could see a light that shines from within? Some people can look really scary when their faces are in repose, but as soon as they smile you think to yourself "Wow, he or she has a nice smile!". Think about that the next time you see someone that you don't immediately find to be attractive.


  1. Believe it or not, I never found Gavin particularly attractive before I met him in person!

  2. Everybody.... even those cats with no hair have something beautiful about them.

  3. I think true ugliness comes from within - it is the same with beauty.

    An ugly mindset is written all over the face and makes a physically beautiful and highly fashionable person look ugly as you get to know them.

    I like less conventional looks & would take Michael Caine over Brad Pitt any day. A face with character interests me and draws me to the person.

    Having said that a new hairstyle & make over would make me look fabulous darling!

  4. Confucius!!! Are you saying I need a make-over MOL